Why is health screening important?

I feel well, why do I need to go for health screening?

Even if you feel fine, you should still need to get a health screening. Some of diseases like diabetes and cancer are taking a long time to fully develop so if detected early, the disease can be prevented to serious development and it can result to a good outcome and lower the risk of serious complications.

When should a person start thinking of health screening?

Health screening is for everyone, for the patients who does and does not have any family history of cancer or other chronic diseases may start health screening. Men and women ages 30 years and above is encourage going to health screening centers to test because at young age, you  may having a health problems that you are not aware of. Many conditions of health problems are often don’t have an early signs of symptoms. Early detection makes early treatment and makes good control of the condition.

Why do I need to go for health screening at recommended frequencies?

A one-off health screening will only detect health problems that is present for the meantime but having regular screening can detect conditions that may develop after and there is a possibility that a condition will appear after previous screening.

If a patient is asymptomatic, would discovery of disease may increase his stress level?

At first glance, screening would seem to be a good thing to do but sometimes patients are not happy to know about their result. But most of the patients are positive thinker and is very thankful that an early detection for their disease can be treated immediately. Actually those patients will return and will be encouraging their friends or relatives to make a consultation.