Torch Screening 2 (PW)

Torch Screening 2 (PW)


TORCH testing is done in preparation for pregnancy (Premarital Screening) or in early pregnancies. It includes tests for a group of infectious diseases that can infect pregnant women and cause birth defects or death in their infants.

This package includes the following screening:

1. Toxoplasma IgM Antibody

2. CMV IgM Antibody

3. Rubella IgG Antibody

4. Herpes Simplex Virus Type II IgG Antibody

5. Syphilis TP Antibody (Syphilis RPR & Titre if reactive)

6. TPPA (if Syphilis TP Antibody is reactive)

Sample for testing: Blood

*Please take note that this test is only available at Parkway Laboratories.